Zenith Land Surveyors, LLC (ZLS) is a full-service land surveying company serving all of Massachusetts with a concentration in south eastern Massachusetts. Providing services for commercial, residential industrial and municipal projects, ZLS goal is to ensure XXX


Property Line / Boundary Survey

Whether residential or commercial, ZCE can help plan your site design. We’ll work with you and the municipality to engineer a site design to meet your unique needs.

Topographic Survey

Whether you are installing a brand new septic system, need a septic system repair, or want to connect to your town sewer system, we can help.

Existing Conditions Survey

Having permitted numerous projects, ZCE understands your needs and works with local, state and federal agencies to permit those projects.

PVC tubes are stacked in a pile at building site,

Wetland Resource Area Survey

ZCE designs drainage for stormwater facilities that comply with local, state and federal requirements. Get an on-going operation and maintenance agreement that’s practical while meeting conservation and environmental rules and regulations.

FEMA Flood Elevation Certifications

Whether you’re building near Tispaquin Pond, Long Pond Assawompset Pond or the Assonet River, we know southeastern Massachusetts’ great ponds and title lands. ZCE will help you gain the licenses needed to use these waterways.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

ZCE understands Massachusetts laws relating to these heavily regulated developments and can help you develop, design and permit plans for 40B and 40R housing quickly and efficiently.

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