Zenith Land Surveyors, LLC (ZLS) is a full-service land surveying company serving all of Massachusetts with a concentration in Southeastern Massachusetts.


Property Line / Boundary Survey

ZLS researches deeds, recorded plans, title information and other pertinent information, then conducts field survey to accurately determine the boundaries of land parcels. Property line plans can then be compiled and/or property corners or lines can be marked in the field.

Construction Stakeout

Precise construction stakeout of proposed building and site features guarantees that projects comply with building codes and sometimes complicated permitting requirements.

Existing Conditions Survey

Existing conditions surveys provide the basis upon which all design projects are developed. These surveys can include topographic mapping, utilities, buildings and other existing site features.

Wetland Resource Area Survey

Current wetlands regulations protect important resource areas. An accurate survey of wetlands boundaries is a cornerstone of site planning and project yield determinations.

FEMA Flood Elevation Certifications

Project sites can be significantly impacted if they are located within a FEMA flood plain boundary. An accurate elevation survey can be the difference in determining whether a property is buildable or if it requires flood insurance.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

Lenders on commercial property transactions typically require that an ALTA survey be conducted to confirm existing site features and encumbrances such as encroachments and easements.

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